Improv in Therapy

Symposium Improv in Therapy 2019

On March 23rd and 24th 2019, the Gorillas presented the first international Symposium Improv in Therapy in Berlin. Various possibilities of using methods from improv theater in therapy and therapeutic education were shown and discussed in lectures and workshops, led by Dr. Assael Romanelli (Israel), Randy Dixon (USA), Dörte Foertsch (Berlin), Barbara Klehr and Regina Fabian (Die Gorillas, Berlin). The symposium was sold out, the international audience was all enthusiastic and thus the first step towards  international networking and exchange on improv in therapy was made.

Here you can see an excerpt from Dr. Romanelli's talk
Improvisation - What is »healing« about improv? micro and macro personal and relational growth processes in the improvisational encounter


Information on the whole program you find here: