Business Theatre

Improv Theatre for Your Event

Our stage shows are also a highlight for companies as a form of 'business theatre'. The Gorillas' players improvise in accordance with your personalised themes, actively incorporating the audience  into what happens, thus offering unforgettable theatre events for gatherings of any size. We'll play for 20 or 2000 people; in restaurants, event locations and arenas. With improv shows, feedback theatre, formats for conflict resolution in companies as well as individualised packages for moderation, presentations and unique improv interventions, The Gorillas are an ideal item on the agenda to expand your work-related content with energising, entertaining and uplifting events.

Improv Shows, Feedback Theatre, Specials and Conflict Resolution

Improv Shows for Company Parties

A lively improv show that takes its themes from your event as well as your company and presents them on stage in an entertaining way. We'll play at your event, taking inspiration from suggestions from the audience and actively incorporating them into the improvisation.
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Feedback Theatre for your Conference

Are you looking for a deeper reflection on your event that sums up the day's developments and offers a valuable change of perspective? With feedback theatre, The Gorillas observe your conference or meeting and show their findings live on stage as a business event.
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Interactive Presentations, Lively Moderation and Individualised Concepts

Are you looking for spontaneous, funny moderators, improvised street theatre for your fair, a keynote presentation on the topic of improvisation at work or do you have an unusual idea for your event that you need a team of actors for? We have been devising and developing personalised solutions for our customers for over 20 years.
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Playful Conflict Resolution

Are you looking for a way to resolve a conflict in your department or to improve the communication between different branch offices? With forum theatre, The Gorillas offer a special form of conflict resolution, in which we represent an issue on stage and develop new action steps together.
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