Vouchers for

Gift coupons are available for shows at the  Ratibor Theatre only.
A coupon is valid for any Ratibor show. This is how it works:

Write an email to the Ratibor Theater with your name and adress, so that we can send the coupon to you.

Transfer the money to our bank account:

Ratibor Theater
Postbank Berlin
IBAN: DE05 1001 0010 0049 4431 08

Prices are 21 EUR (Standard), 15 EUR (reduced for students and unemployeds), 12 EUR (for pupils and social-security).
Make sure that you state your mailadress or phone number on the transfer, so that we are able to contact you.

Important note:
The receiver of the coupon can use it for any Ratibor Show he wants to watch. However, he should make sure to make a ticket-reservation ahead (online or via phone) with the comment that he wants to redeem a gift coupon. Otherwise he might come to a show that is sold out and that would be too bad.

Vouchers for 

It`s easy to order a voucher for our workshops:

Simply click on one of the links below, fill out the form and choose the amount (90 € for a try-out-weekend, 165€ for an evening class, or any other amount that you choose). You can pay per bank transfer, PayPal or debit. You will then get the coupon per e-mail or as a regular letter.
The coupon does not automatically guarantee a spot in the workshop. The presentee still has to order that spot on our website by choosing a workshop (click »Kurse«) and, when asked for payment, click on »Gutschein«.

Click here for a gift coupon, value 50 €

Click here for a gift coupon, value 98 €

Click here for a gift coupon, value 169 €