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IMPROV Methods for your staff

Our business trainings use the techniques of improvised theatre to initiate an exchange between teams, staff and leaders, to strengthen soft skills and to encourage participants to tackle professional challenges creatively and confidently. Tried and tested, entertaining, active exercises for conscious listening, accepting and continuing will improve crucial communication skills and strengthen creative abilities through association and storytelling. Your staff will gain a new experience of themselves, have a lot of fun and return to their workplace with the inspiration of new methods.

Teambuilding, Presentation- or Leadership-Trainings, Storytelling and individual coaching


This teambuilding event offers real added value. We will train openness and perception, strengthen the team’s trust in their members, activate creative thinking processes and improve communication skills. Interactive games and exercises provide fun and new thought-provoking impulses which will fuse your team together.
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Training: A confident appearance

Be it in presentations, meetings or in contact with clients: a confident appearance, speaking freely and convincingly whilst being authentic and present is a skill which can be learned. Using perception, physical, voice exercises and rhetorical tricks, this training will give your staff the keys for a relaxed, confident (self-)presentation.
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Training: Open and flexible leadership

Our leadership training will use interactive exercises to improve the flexibility and communicative strengths of your leaders. Authenticity, adaptability and also charm can be trained – for a more successful, empathic and flexible leadership of staff and company.
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Training: Storytelling

Nothing captivates people like a gripping, well-told story. This is why storytelling has also become an important component of communication as a modern marketing tool for companies. Our instructors, experts in storytelling, will teach you the basics of storytelling, improve association and plot development skills and develop narrative styles for specific examples of your products or services.
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