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About Improv School

Improv is good for your heart, risible muscle and all senses. It sharpens your perception and respect. It is about playing, following, leading, letting go and fooling around. Improv gives energy, makes you feel good and it makes you smart.


We ask you to show up negatively tested on all course days. We will not control this, nor is it required by law at this time. Please do this anyway for all of us who don't want/need to get sick now, for a safer feeling in our courses and also for us who want to keep the improv school going.



When you decide to get deeper into improvising after a taster weekend, you can start as a Beginner and continue as an Advanced. We recommend two Beginner's and two Advanced classes before moving on to the Stage Class. But ultimately, its your decision for how long you want to participate in each level. Please notice, that you can attend Stage Class only once. If you want to continue improvising after Stage Class the Impro4ever-Classes with different improv topics are open to you. At the Impro Sessions you have the chance to perform in front of the audience. Maybe you also find companions at the workshops to find your own improv ensemble ... If you are already playing in an improv group but still want to improve your skills, just take part in our Performer Classes.

No matter what level you are improvising in, we look forward to you and wish you a lot of joy, fun and courage!

To Try Out

Class description

Curious to see what improv's all about? Try it! If you want, you can continue with a beginner's class afterwards.

19.11. + 20.11.2022 English Taster Weekend November with Lee
with Lee
Saturday + Sunday, 19+20 Nov, 2022
3 - 7 P.M.
EUR 98,00
sign in until 9 Nov, 2022
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

Lee White has been performing improv on stage since 1992. Since then he has traveled the world teaching, performing and taking workshops. Come join Lee for some improv fun. A class for you to get an idea of improv and how we play. Play some games and exercises to get an inside glimpse of how we practice and train to tell stories and enjoy each moment with your scene partners. Take the chance and discover your spontaneous side.


Class description

After participating in a Taster Weekend (required), you're learning the basic skills of good improvisation. Each instructor defines these a little differenty. But we all agree: different ideas are the salt in the improv-soup. Playfulness, courage and mindfulness are the most important ingredients. We recommend two consecutive classes in the beginner's level before you move on to the next level. Because practice makes perfect.

17.10. - 05.12.2022 English Evening Class Beginners Monday with Lee
with Lee
Monday, 17 Oct to 5 Dec, 2022
7.30-10.00 P.M.
€ 189,- (8 evenings)
sign in until: 7 Oct, 2022
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

The world of improvised theatre can be fun and exciting. Why not join in and have some fun?
Our class is designed to give you the basic improv skills and teach you the fundamental philosophy of improv. A great introduction (or refresher for those who haven’t played in awhile) to the joys of being spontaneous. Meet some new people and have some laughs while playing scenes and games to get you more comfortable performing. This class is taught by Inbal Lori and Lee White, two of the world's best Improvisers.

Beginners / Advanced

Class description

These mixed courses are for both absolute beginners and experienced students. After all, it’s all about playing with each other!
If this is your first time improvising, let the buffs pull you along and show you the ropes. As for all you experienced players - you’ll benefit from remembering the basics of improv, and the ‘newbies' might even breathe some new life into your performance! Have fun!

Neue Kurse in Vorbereitung


Class description

You understood the improv-basics, laughed a lot and sometimes quarreled with yourself. You are now standing at the threshold to the next step. And that is continuous rehearsing. In some (marked) courses of this level there is an improv musician teaching every now and then, that you can learn how music guides you through a scene. Practice in this level as long as you need to feel ready for Stage Class.

18.10. - 06.12.2022 English Evening Class Advanced Tuesday with Lee
with Lee
Tuesday, 18 Oct - 6 Dec, 2022
7.30 P.M. - 10.00 P.M.
€ 189,- (8 evenings)
Sign in until: 8 Oct, 2022
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

Acting classes for improv enthusiasts

Class description

Impro is a craft, so is acting. Getting to grips with both broadens your view of characters and scenes. And it's fun, too. Try it out!

Neue Kurse in Vorbereitung


Class description

The motto for this level is: do what interests you, what takes you further and makes you happy. Acting, dramaturgy, long form ... Here you can dive deeper into improv. Either you take long term classes over a few months or short courses on a special topic every once in a while. In some (marked) courses there will not always be an instructor around, because improv also is self-organisation. If you want to play: Impro-Sessions are open to all students of this level. The stage at Ratibor Theater is yours for this night. Enjoy!


21.10. - 09.12.2022 English afternoon class Impro4ever "Blank - A story of a place" with Inbal
with Inbal
Friday, 21 Oct - 9 Dec
3.00 P.M. - 5.00 P.M.
€ 169,- (8 afternoons)
Sign in until 11 Oct, 2022
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

A format workshop with a show in the end

"Blank" is an improvised play of an imaginary place inspired by the audience.
After taking some specific inputs from the audience members the story of the place unravels.
from one scene to the other we discover the relationships. power dynamics, fears, dreams and challenges of the inhabitants of Blank.
The public is invited to a one of a kind peek of a place that tells the story of humans and humanity.

The workshop of the format focuses on the following techniques:
• working with a story arch of a character
• working with the dramatic story arch of the place
• following a narrative by taking specific, focused actions
• performance honesty and commitment
• finding and following tone, rhythm and energy but also breaking them when needed
• transitions and editing
• ensemble work

Show: December 14th, 8 P.M. at BühnenRausch Theater Berlin

Specials - Therapists

Class Description

Here we bring the principles of improv theater from the stage back to life: how things develop, what happens when things change, what to do when things stagnate ... To what extent you need previous improv experience, please refer to the respective course description.

05.11. + 06.11.2022 The Ninja Therapist – Level 1
(Improvisation skills for therapists)
With Assael Romanelli, Ph.D.
Sat + Sun, Nov 5th + 6th, 2022
Times: Sat 12:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sun 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
incl. 1 hour lunch break

Earlybird-booking (payment until Jun 30th 2022): 320 €
From Jul 1st 2022: 360 €
Sign in until: Oct 6th, 2022
Location: Moviento, Zillestr. 69, 10585 Berlin, (nahe U-Bismarckstr)

Max. 14 spots available

The instructor teaches in English. The demands on the knowledge of English are not too high. Some of the exercises can be carried out in German with German-speaking partners. There will be no permanent translation of the instructions. However, questions are always possible.

This training is aimed for clinicians, who are interested in or familiar with the basic concepts of theater improvisation and would like to deepen their mastery of the improvisational in their clinical work.
This training is based on the groundbreaking 6-year research on theater improvisational skills for therapists conducted by Dr. Assael Romanelli.
The training will be highly experiential and will include a theoretical component together with ample time to practice improvisational skills with a like-minded peer group of clinicians.

The Ninja Therapist is the bold therapist who is willing to utilize their whole self, and everything that arises in the here-and-now clinical encounter, in order to maximize growth, understanding, therapeutic alliance and play.
Read more: The Ninja Therapist

The instructor
Assael Romanelli, Ph.D. is a multi-potentialite: An international trainer and speaker, a couple and family therapist and supervisor, an improvisation artist, teacher and researcher. He is the founder and director of The Potential State Institute.
Find out more about Assael:

„Assael Romanelli has completely inspired us and the participants of the symposium in 2019! After two corona years, we are happy to invite him again and recommend this course to all who work with impro in a therapeutic context.“ (Barbara und Regina von den Gorillas)


New courses start in January, March, May, after summer break and in October/November.
The following conditions apply for our courses.
The application conditions for festival courses and workshop trips you will find in the according description.
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