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We are so glad that we can see you again! Being able to work again!
We are very happy to offer two english live classes at our Summer Academy in Trebnitz.

Apart from that:
As long as we cannot teach at our class rooms at ETI , we will work online. We will continue from our living rooms: we have again asked colleagues to give you impro classes via zoom. More info coming soon.

Improv is good for your heart, risible muscle and all senses. It sharpens your perception and respect. It is about playing, following, leading, letting go and fooling around. Improv gives energy, makes you feel good and it makes you smart.


When you decide to get deeper into improvising after a taster weekend, you can start as a Beginner and continue as an Advanced. We recommend two Beginner's and two Advanced classes before moving on to the Stage Class. But ultimately, its your decision for how long you want to participate in each level. Please notice, that you can attend Stage Class only once. If you want to continue improvising after Stage Class the Impro4ever-Classes with different improv topics are open to you. At the Impro Sessions you have the chance to perform in front of the audience. Maybe you also find companions at the workshops to find your own improv ensemble ... If you are already playing in an improv group but still want to improve your skills, just take part in our Performer Classes.

No matter what level you are improvising in, we look forward to you and wish you a lot of joy, fun and courage!

To Try Out

Class description

Curious to see what improv's all about? Try it! If you want, you can continue with a beginner's class afterwards.

Neue Kurse in Vorbereitung


Class description

After participating in a Taster Weekend (required), you're learning the basic skills of good improvisation. Each instructor defines these a little differenty. But we all agree: different ideas are the salt in the improv-soup. Playfulness, courage and mindfulness are the most important ingredients. We recommend two consecutive classes in the beginner's level before you move on to the next level. Because practice makes perfect.

23.05. - 04.07.2022 English Evening Class Beginners Monday with Inbal and Lee
with Inbal and Lee
Monday, 23 May 4 July, 2022 (except 6 June)
7.30-10.00 P.M.
€ 149,-
sign in until: 12 May, 2022
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

Please note: required is the participation of a Taster weekend in advance

The world of improvised theatre can be fun and exciting. Why not join in and have some fun?
Our class is designed to give you the basic improv skills and teach you the fundamental philosophy of improv. A great introduction (or refresher for those who haven’t played in awhile) to the joys of being spontaneous. Meet some new people and have some laughs while playing scenes and games to get you more comfortable performing. This class is taught by Inbal Lori and Lee White, two of the world's best Improvisers.

Corona: Testing and masking is no longer required. You don´t have to show a proof of vaccination neither. We stick to a maximum class size of 14 participants, comply with the current state requirements and update them depending on the situation. We have set up disinfection devices in our large to huge rooms and ask you to stay at home if you feel sick and/or have had contact with infected people. Thank you.

Beginners / Advanced

Class description

These mixed courses are for both absolute beginners and experienced students. After all, it’s all about playing with each other!
If this is your first time improvising, let the buffs pull you along and show you the ropes. As for all you experienced players - you’ll benefit from remembering the basics of improv, and the ‘newbies' might even breathe some new life into your performance! Have fun!

Neue Kurse in Vorbereitung


Class description

You understood the improv-basics, laughed a lot and sometimes quarreled with yourself. You are now standing at the threshold to the next step. And that is continuous rehearsing. In some (marked) courses of this level there is an improv musician teaching every now and then, that you can learn how music guides you through a scene. Practice in this level as long as you need to feel ready for Stage Class.

24.05. - 05.07.2022 English Evening Class Advanced Tuesday with Inbal and Lee
with Inbal and Lee
Tuesday, 24 May - 5 July, 2022
7.30 P.M. - 10.00 P.M.
€ 169,-
Sign in until 13 May, 2022
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

Improv is a journey that never stops. Along the way we can always use help to advance or new inspirations. In our advanced class we take you deeper into the skills and philosophy of Impro. Stories and characters become sharper. Your mind is less scattered and more focused on your partner. Every player is at different places with what they need and we help you improve the skills you need while polishing the ones you have strength in. Take your next step in your improv journey. This class is taught by Inbal Lori and Lee White, two of the world's best Improvisers.

Corona: Testing and masking is no longer required. You don´t have to show a proof of vaccination neither. We stick to a maximum class size of 14 participants, comply with the current state requirements and update them depending on the situation. We have set up disinfection devices in our large to huge rooms and ask you to stay at home if you feel sick and/or have had contact with infected people. Thank you.

18.08. - 21.08.2022 First Summer Academy at Trebnitz Castle: »Let me hear your body talk« with Felipe Ortiz (Colombia)
with Felipe
Thursday to Sunday, August 18th - 21st 2022
Price for course/full board/overnight in rooms with shower/WC:
439 € (single room)
398 € (double room)
sign in until: 8 August, 2022
Location: Schloß Trebnitz – Bildungs- und Begegnungszentrum e. V., Platz der Jugend 6, 15374 Müncheberg OT Trebnitz

In easy to understand English with German translation

Now already for the sixth time we organize our Summer Academy at the educational and meeting place Schloss Trebnitz (State of Brandenburg). This year we are going there twice: once from 18th-21st August, 2022, and then again from 25th-28th August, 2022. Of course, impro is the focus, but it is just as important to eat together, to jump into the lake 4 km away, to sit together in the castle garden in the evening or to let it all hang out with the two parallel courses (»From free writing to a gripping story« with Ingrid /advanced and »Storytelling« with Thomas and Michael/ Impro4ever) on two evenings in the session.

That's what Felipe's course is all about:
It's actually fact, that we all like to talk a lot on stage. But we often trust too little in the ability, that feelings and sensations can often be expressed much better without words. If there is someone who knows how to let the body »speak«, to establish communication non-verbally, then it is Felipe »Pepe« Ortiz, whom we met for the first time at the 2006 World Championships in Theatre Sports and invited him to our international festival several times, and who is now one of the most popular and experienced improv teachers in the world. We consider ourselves lucky to have engaged him for Trebnitz.
  • THU, Aug 18th: arrival if possible until 4 p.m., course 5-7 p.m. + 8-10 p.m.

  • FRI, Aug 19th: course 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. + 4.30 to 7 p.m., after dinner impro-session (together with the other workshops)

  • SAT, Aug 20th: course 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. + 4.30 to 7 p.m., after dinner impro session (shared with the other workshops)

  • SUN, Aug 21th: course 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. + 2 p.m. - 3 p.m., departure 4 p.m.

Please indicate when booking if you want to travel by car instead of by train (good connection!) and if you want to give someone else a ride.
And please also decide for vegetarian/non-vegetarian food. The food is quite okay, but in our opinion there could be a bit more fresh fruits and vegetables, so we always provide some extra vitamins per day. Also feel free to bring whatever nuts or so you need/want... Thank you!

Changed registration conditions for this course:
Course registration will be based on receipt of booking. Your permission for direct debit counts as receipt of payment at the time of workshop booking.
  • With direct debit, the course fee will be collected in 2 installments from your account: 30% at the time of booking, the rest no later than 07/17/2022.

  • In case of cancellation until 05/01/2022 we will fully refund your deposit (30%). In case of withdrawal until 06/15/2022 we will not refund the paid 30%, but will not collect the 2nd installment (70%). After 07/17/2022 there will be no refund unless there is someone on the waiting list to fill in for you.

  • Courses will be held with a minimum of 8 participants, maximum number of participants is 12. If the minimum number of participants is not reached one month before the start of the course, we will offer alternatives in consultation with you or unfortunately have to cancel the course (with money back guarantee).

  • Participation in the course is at your own risk; we do not provide insurance coverage.

  • The course starts and ends at the indicated times in Trebnitz.

  • If the course is offered by two instructors, they will teach one after the other.

We hope that then it will no longer matter, but of course we will follow the then valid Corona conditions of the State of Brandenburg regarding travel and accommodation. You can get a current overview here: (Keyword: What is allowed in Brandenburg now). With your booking you agree to comply with these then valid conditions (and possibly additional ones of the educational institution Trebnitz regarding quick tests or similar).
If, due to restrictions on public life as a result of the Corona pandemic, the course cannot take place, we will refund the full registration fee minus 5% for our organizational work. Please have understanding for this!

Acting classes for improv enthusiasts

Class description

Impro is a craft, so is acting. Getting to grips with both broadens your view of characters and scenes. And it's fun, too. Try it out!

Neue Kurse in Vorbereitung


Class description

The motto for this level is: do what interests you, what takes you further and makes you happy. Acting, dramaturgy, long form ... Here you can dive deeper into improv. Either you take long term classes over a few months or short courses on a special topic every once in a while. In some (marked) courses there will not always be an instructor around, because improv also is self-organisation. If you want to play: Impro-Sessions are open to all students of this level. The stage at Ratibor Theater is yours for this night. Enjoy!


11.06. + 12.06.2022 English Impro4ever Summer-Weekend-Special »Flow, Rhythm and Style« with Lee
with Lee
Saturday, 11 June, 2022 + Sunday, 12 June, 2022
3 to 7 P.M.
€ 98,-
Sign in until: 1 June, 2022
Ort: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

In this course we will explore the tempo and pacing for our scenes. Find the speed and pulse of the stories with your partner that is both comfortable and inspiring. Many fast scenes are created because of panic and fear instead of it being a choice. We can use our natural impulses to inspire the tone of our scene. So let’s focus on using the speed and tempo of our scenes and characters to inspire the scenes. We want to connect and discover different velocities for our scenes with our partners. Too often our scenes follow similar rhythms over and over, but we often need more variety in our shows. Adding style and pulse to an average scene can elevate it to new places. Learn to follow your partner's impulses as well as lead your partner. Sign up for this class and learn to slow down and speed up with intention, and add that extra spice to our performances.

Specials - Therapists

Class Description

Here we bring the principles of improv theater from the stage back to life: how things develop, what happens when things change, what to do when things stagnate ... To what extent you need previous improv experience, please refer to the respective course description.

Neue Kurse in Vorbereitung


New courses start in January, March, May, after summer break and in October/November.
The following conditions apply for our courses.
The application conditions for festival courses and workshop trips you will find in the according description.
Vouchers for workshops you get here.