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Improv is good for your heart, risible muscle and all senses. It sharpens your perception and respect. It is about playing, following, leading, letting go and fooling around. Improv gives energy, makes you feel good and it makes you smart.





When you decide to get deeper into improvising after a taster weekend, you can start as a Beginner and continue as an Advanced. We recommend two Beginner's and two Advanced classes before moving on to the Stage Class. But ultimately, its your decision for how long you want to participate in each level. Please notice, that you can attend Stage Class only once. If you want to continue improvising after Stage Class the Impro4ever-Classes with different improv topics are open to you. At the Impro Sessions you have the chance to perform in front of the audience. Maybe you also find companions at the workshops to find your own improv ensemble ... If you are already playing in an improv group but still want to improve your skills, just take part in our Performer Classes.

No matter what level you are improvising in, we look forward to you and wish you a lot of joy, fun and courage!

To Try Out



Curious to see what improv's all about? Try it! If you want, you can continue with a beginner's class afterwards.

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After participating in a Taster Weekend (required), you're learning the basic skills of good improvisation. Each instructor defines these a little differenty. But we all agree: different ideas are the salt in the improv-soup. Playfulness, courage and mindfulness are the most important ingredients. We recommend two consecutive classes in the beginner's level before you move on to the next level. Because practice makes perfect.

16.10. - 04.12.2023 Evening Class Beginners Monday with Inbal Lori and Lee White (en)
with Inbal Lori and Lee White
Duration: Mondays 16.10. - 04.12.2023
Course times: each 19:30 - 22:00
Course units (each 2,5h): 8
Course fee: 189,-
Registration deadline: 06.10.2023
Location: European Theatre Institute (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

required is the participation of a Taster weekend in advance

Beginners / Advanced



These mixed courses are for both absolute beginners and experienced students. After all, it’s all about playing with each other!
If this is your first time improvising, let the buffs pull you along and show you the ropes. As for all you experienced players - you’ll benefit from remembering the basics of improv, and the ‘newbies' might even breathe some new life into your performance! Have fun!

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You understood the improv-basics, laughed a lot and sometimes quarreled with yourself. You are now standing at the threshold to the next step. And that is continuous rehearsing. In some (marked) courses of this level there is an improv musician teaching every now and then, that you can learn how music guides you through a scene. Practice in this level as long as you need to feel ready for Stage Class.

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Acting classes for improv enthusiasts

Voraussetzung: Schnupperkurs o.ä.


Impro is a craft, so is acting. Getting to grips with both broadens your view of characters and scenes. And it's fun, too. Try it out!

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Stage Class



On the last workshop day the whole class plays a show at the Ratibor Theater supported by their instructor. That's why in class you intensively practise acting and editing techniques, communication with the audience, and how you can support the other performers from off-stage. After the show there will be a final feedback meeting. And then you are ready for the next level: Impro4ever. 

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Advanced/ Impro4ever


17.10. - 05.12.2023 Evening Class Tuesday Advanced/Impro4ever with Inbal Lori and Lee White (en)
with Inbal Lori and Lee White
Duration: Tuesdays 17.10. - 05.12.2023
Course times: each 19:30 - 22:00
Course units (each 2,5h): 8
Course fee: 189,-
Registration deadline: 07.10.2023
Location: European Theatre Institute (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin



After you have gained some stage experience, you can now go deeper and deeper into improv. Either you continue to practice in the open »playground«-classes or/and you attend thematic courses on special topics (acting, dramaturgy, music, long forms,... ). See what interests you, brings you further and makes you happy. And maybe you'll even meet people with whom you'd like to start your own improv group. So keep your eyes open, and your heart too!

30.09. + 01.10.2023 Weekend-Special with Naomi Snieckus (Can)
»Improvised acting«
with Naomi Snieckus

Duration: Saturday & Sunday 30.09. - 01.10.2023
Course Times: 13:00 - 17:00
Course Units (4 hrs. each): 2
Course Fee: 129,-
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

»Improvised acting«

This workshop is for experienced improvisers who want to dive deeper into the art of long form improvised acting. With grounded improv, we will focus on more authentic, truthful acting, characters and relationships to tell stories with not only our words, but the moments between the words.
What stories come out when we slow down, look at our scene partner and breath?

Here you can find more info about our Price structure, Registration Requirements and General Terms and Conditions

20.10. - 08.12.2023 Afternoon class Impro4ever Fridays + Show with Inbal Lori (en) -
»You are the content«
with Inbal Lori

Duration: Fridays 20.10. - 08.12.2023
Course Times: 15:00 - 17:00
Course Units (2 hrs. each): 8 + Show on 05.12.2023, 19:00 at Ratibor Theater
Course Fee: 189,-
Registration Deadline: 10.10.2023
Location: Europäisches Theaterinstitut (ETI), Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

»You are the content«

If no one is writing our lines of text. If nobody directs us or chooses the interpretation for how we do what we do, it basically means one thing – we are the content of everything we improvise. Everything we are, everything we know, love, hate, think, heard of or experienced ourselves, could and should be legitimate material for our improvisation.

Improvising does not mean being anything different than yourself. It means being yourself in different ways. It means taking the experience of being a human being in this complex, wonderful world and pouring it into the scenes/story/character we play.

This workshop will focus on exploring and developing your world of content, and the specific things you could bring to the stage, so that you could use and implement it in your performance. In my opinion this makes us rich, funny and inspiring improvisers.

The workshop will be followed by a show at the Ratibor Theater on December 5.

Here you can find more info about our pricing structure and the terms and conditions.

Open Stage


Maybe you will also find new fellows at the Open Stages, where everyone is allowed on stage, and start your own impro ensemble...

18. OKT
Workshop-Presentation - »Storytelling in Longform« (en)
22. OKT
Open Stage »Group Edition«
05. DEZ
Workshop Presentation - »You are the Content« (en)
Specials - Therapists


24.02. + 25.02.2024 The Ninja Therapist Masterclass (Advanced improvisational skills for therapists) with Dr. Assael Romanelli
mit Dr. Assael Romanelli
Sa + So, 24. + 25.02.2024
11 - 18 Uhr
Ort: Moviento, Zillestraße 69, 10585 Berlin
Kursgebühr: 350,- Euro
Early bird: 325,- Euro Gebühr bis zum 01.11.2023
Anmeldeschluss: 10.01.2024
In englischer Sprache

The Ninja Therapist is the bold therapist who is willing to utilize their whole self, and everything that arises in the here-and-now clinical encounter, in order to maximize learning, growth, play, and change.

Therapy is an improvised collaborative artform.
The clinician must remain open, curious, flexible, and playful as the session unfolds, moment by moment.
Research shows that the most important component of therapy that ensures a positive clinical outcome is the relationship with the therapist.
Yes, the relationship with YOU will determine the outcome of therapy.

Are you bringing your full self to the clinical encounter?
Are you having fun in therapy?
Are your session alive and powerful?
Do you want to go deeper into the improvisational ART of therapy?

If so, you're invited to our advanced dojo and learn cutting edge skills that will help you feel more able and free in the clinic.

This training is aimed for clinicians who have taken part in Ninja training level 1 or had several years of improvisation training.

The training will be highly experiential and will include a theoretical component together with ample time to practice improvisational skills with a like-minded peer group of clinicians.
Time will be given for Q&A and peer supervision.

In this training you will learn:
l Lean the basic terminology of Ninja Therapy.
l How to enjoy and leverage “mis-takes” in the clinical encounter
l How to become a clinical Status expert to achieve communicational mastery
l The art of the clinical chair
l The art of clinical eye contact
l The art of the double
l How to deal with the holy trinity of blocking
l How to deal creatively and generatively with conflict in the clinical hour.
l How to bring more of you authentically in order to help you client be more authentic.
l And more…

*** The order and content of material taught will depend on the pace and needs of the group.

Come in comfortable, black clothes.

The instructor
Assael Romanelli, Ph.D. is a multi-potentialite: An international trainer and speaker, a couple and family therapist and supervisor, an improvisation artist, teacher and researcher. He is the founder and co-director of The Potential State Institute for Enriching Relationships, which integrates therapy, art, and education to create safe spaces for people to connect to themselves and others. His doctoral research is in teaching theatre improvisation skills to therapists and since then has trained a wide range of helping professionals all around the world in becoming more bold, spontaneous, playful and alive. He resides in Israel with his vigorous wife and two dynamic kids. Dr. Romanelli publishes original content regularly on The Potential State Blog, Podcast and YouTube channel.


New courses start in January, March, May, after summer break and in October/November.
The following conditions apply for our courses.
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