Improv school

Terms and Conditions

Free spots in workshops are assigned in order of the transferred fees to our bank account. Your authorisation to a direct debit is counted as a point of transfer.

You can pay per direct debit or bank transfer. You can authorize a debit either for the complete fee or in two rates at the given times. If you want to transfer, you can do so by paying either the whole sum at once or 40% when registering and 60% 2 weeks before the workshop starts at the latest. In case the workshop already starts within 19 days at registration, you must pay the whole fee directly.

In case of withdrawal from a workshop we have following conditions for refunds of the paid fee:
up to 4 weeks before workshop starts: 100%
4 weeks to 14 days before workshop starts: 60%
After that, a refund is only possible, if someone is on the waiting list and can take over your spot.

Minimum number of participants for all workshops is 9 (unless otherwise noted). Maximum number is 12-15, depending on the workshop level. In case the minimum number is not reached, we unfortunately have to cancel the workhop. We will either offer you an alternative workshop or return the paid fee 100% to you.

Participation in all workshops is at your own risk. We have no insurance coverage.

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops take place at Europäisches Theaterinstitut ETI (Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin).

In case that a workshop is officially led by two teachers, the teachers take turns in teaching (unless otherwise noted).

*) 40% : 76€ at 189€ fee, 68€ at 169€ fee and 39€ at 98€ fee.
**) 60% : 113€ at 189€ fee, 101€ at 169€ fee and 59€ at 98€.