IMPRO 2020 english


We pay for your travel to come to IMPRO 2020. In some cases only partial, if you are also visiting other festivals. 

In most cases, we will be booking your travel for you. Christoph or Marie will send you the details of your travel arrangements. If you book your own travel and we reimburse you, please make sure that you have an invoice or receipt for it. Please send it to us either electronically to Christoph: or bring it with you to the festival and give it to him in person.


You will be picked up at the airport/station upon arrival and brought to the hotel. Please wait at the arrival gate/platform for the person who picks you up, they will have a sign of IMPRO 2020 to be recognizable. We will also post a phone number here at a later point, which you can call in the unusual case your pick up isn't there on time.

We will give you week passes and/or single trip passes for public transportation in Berlin. They need to be stamped before the first use, you will find the stamping machines directly at the U- and S-Bahn stations.
Please keep these tickets and give them back to us on the last day, so that we have them for our accounting. 

Please take note that we cannot reimburse taxi rides.