The war in Ukraine moves us Impro-Gorillas and the staff of the Ratibor as many people in our city. Of course, we also join those who express their solidarity and sympathy with Ukraine. And because many others have already done so, we do not list here again all the links to people and organizations that support Ukraine, but refer to the very informative page of the Tagesspiegel.

There are many ways to get active: Offering accommodations, helping those who have arrived in everything that is pending for them. What else can we do as theater makers with our modest means?

Of course, refugees have free admission to our theater. We would be happy if people, after the horrors and efforts of their flight, could find a little strength and comfort in our theater and perhaps meet people among our great visitors and us theater makers with whom they can make contacts in a city that is foreign to them. Certainly the language is a hurdle, but we believe that our kind of theater can reach the hearts of people who do not speak German or English (at the Impro Embassy and during our festival 29.3.-3.4.).

We are aware that it is unlikely that we will reach refugees through this website or our social media. That's why it would be great if you who are reading this, pass this on like this when you are in contact with refugees. And of course this applies to all refugees from all countries of the world.