IMPRO 2020 english


As many of you know, we want our festival to be a place of learning and growth of the art form, and that is specifically meant for the artists that join our ensemble, and not just the workshops for other improvisers. The development of new pieces (like this edition) or the inner ensemble work on specific formats, styles etc (like in previous years) is at the heart of what we want to do with this festival. Not just showcase what's already there, but really focus on the development, on the work and exchange of professional improvisers within the ensemble, giving our ensemble members the opportunity to train and enhance their skills together intensely. That's also why we have decided that this year, we want to strengthen this value even more by having several days dedicated to just rehearsal and development. But this also has a consequence for us, which is that we will have a lot less shows at the festival than usual.
Since we do not receive any funding, we finance our festival through ticket and workshop sales, and often enough invest some of our group, Die Gorillas' money, in order to make the festival happen. So with the decision for less shows and more work time, we will once again, like in the years before, not be able to pay you a fee for performing at our festival, which we regret. It is our hope that one day our festival will be possible with an adequate compensation for everyone who makes it happen. So we want to take this moment to thank you for saying yes to our invitation with these conditions (as mentioned in the invitation email, we pay your full travel cost, accommodation, food and drinks while you're here).

But having said that, we can at least pay all of you a little bit for teaching the workshops, where we will be able to pay each teacher a small fee of 30 Euro per workshop hour taught. We will try to have almost everyone of you teaching, so that all of the ensemble members get a small allowance that way.
We would wish to pay you more if we could, but we hope that you can take many things with you from this festival, other than money. That is our intent, to make this festival a place that enriches your artistic life.

For the teaching, you can send your invoice to Christoph using the following address:

Gorilla Theater e.V.
Schudomastr. 42/44
12055 Berlin