Naomi Snieckus

Naomi Snieckus

One of the most respected and renowned Impro players nowadays.
Here is a selection of productions she has participated in:

An alumni of the Second City Theatre in Toronto, some of Naomi’s TV/Film credits include: CBC’s comedy, ‘Mr.D’, Designated Survivor, Pretty Hard Cases, Carter, Disney Zombies, Popularity Papers (BBC), Work It and (upcoming) The Madness on Netflix. Two time ACTRA nominated, four time CSA nominated and CCA winner. Cartoons: ‘Franklin the Turtle’, 'Thomas the Tank Engine, Building Brothers, Open Season and Disney Zombies. She co-created: ‘Doing it With Brian and Darla’ and ‘The Casting Room’ on CBC (LA WebFest and CCA winner). Winner of the CCA Award for Best Female Improviser and founding member of the five-time CCA winning ‘The National Theatre of the World where shows like: Impromptu Splendor, The Carnegie Hall Show and the internationally recognized format of The Script Tease Project. A producer/ founder of the podcast and community Firecracker Department and The Blaze Sessions (with co host Amanda Brugel)