Malika Ziouech

Malika Ziouech

Malika Ziouech studied directing at the »dffb« German Film and Television Academy Berlin. She has been active as a performer, singer and artist for over 20 years, collaborating with the multimedia group »minus delta t«, the artist group »Dead Chickens« and the theater acrobats »Flying Flakes«, among others.
As an actress she is regularly part of theater and film productions.
As a singer of the garage beat band »Petting« and the soul combo »Mobylettes« she sometimes tours across Europe. Her new LP »Il Faut Savoir« will be released at the end of 2022.
While studying directing at the »dffb« Berlin, she began to develop theater projects with young people alongside her work as an auteur filmmaker and has been active as a theater pedagogue and lecturer ever since.

»Playing and improvising is something I've been doing my whole life.«
The greatest joy for me in everyday interactions is...: in the subway, in the department store, at school, in the office... to recognize the situation comedy. To react to it with (in)appropriate actions and answers and to instigate (in)possible situations to see what comes out of it.
To lever myself and others out of our comfort zone and to react to each other with curiosity is for me the indispensable motto of every performative and acting action.
This is exactly what I want to convey to my fellow performers I meet.
I am a performer with all my heart.