Barbara Demmler

Barbara Demmer

After classical theater training and a great love for film, I came to Berlin over twenty years ago. Improv was supposed to be just a little side experience, a training to be able to offer things faster on the film sets. Stupidly, I fell madly in love with this way of working. It took a more and more growing place in my life - so much for being a little side experience: I founded »The Whäm« and »ImproBerlin« and ended up playing between 60 and 80 shows a year. Then teaching came along. And if playing led to falling in love, then teaching was probably the marriage. Over the past decade, I've designed and led workshops for companies on a regular basis, in addition to ongoing classes for beginners and advanced players. I've also developed formats for business theater, work as a trainer, facilitator, writer, and do conceptual design of all sorts of corporate events. Since 2020 I'm studying business psychology, I'm Germany's oldest working student and I take Improv with me into the world of business - because of being still madly in love... and always looking for that wonderful »Playful Togetherness«.