IMPRO 2020 english


You will receive breakfast at the hotel every morning between 9:00-10:00, in the café located at the main entrance. 

We will provide a vegetarian lunch every day, mostly at the lunchroom of Ratibor Theater, which is located in the second courtyard. Some days lunch will be somewhere else. You will receive more information about the schedule and additional lunch locations at the festival opening meeting.

We will provide a catering every night directly at the show venues, so that you can have a small dinner before/during/after the show. 

On the final night, there will be a bigger catering at the closing party as well, otherwise we do not provide additional meals during the night ;-)

Please let us know beforehand if you have any food restrictions by emailing them to Marie.


We will provide you with reusable water bottles for the time during your stay (and then you get to keep them!). The tab water in Berlin is of good quality, so you can just fill your bottle at the hotel or theatres. 

At the Ratibor Theatre, all drinks are complimentary for you as a performer. Please have your festival badge with you at all times to identify yourselves to the staff. At the other theatres we will either provide you with free drinks in the backstage area or at the bar. You will receive a detailed overview of the drinking arrangements in all venues at the festival opening meeting.