Business Training

Training Storytelling

Professional stories for marketing, presentation and product

Target group: marketing experts, sales agents, customer service agents, chairpersons and visionaries

Group size per instructor: max. 14 people

Druation: customisable between 4 and 6 hours

Location: Seminar or workshop room, min. 50qm

Successful storytelling in a company will generate an emotionalised identification with the company, product and the message for customers, partners and staff. Storytelling instead of eye-catching advertisements, taking the customer on a trip around the product or service in order to strengthen the loyalty of the target group: this training will provide you with the skills to tell precisely those stories in your business communication which will let the penny drop in the heads of your target group.

Develop and present a creative, spontaneous and entertaining story together
Develop and present a creative, spontaneous and entertaining story together

Storytelling has become an important skill in the world of business. The Gorillas ‘storytelling training introduces the basics of professional storytelling. How can a product be incorporated in a way that evokes emotions? How do I create an arc of suspense in my discourse? What makes a hero a hero? How does comedy come about? Like drama? Nothing is more captivating than a gripping, well-told story. We will give you the tools to ensure strong customer loyalty to your product, service and business.

  • The training will use entertaining exercises to convey a basic understanding of how to construct a gripping story.

  • We will practice associative thinking and introduce the most important building blocks of storytelling.

  • We examine various elements like the promise of the story, its protagonists and turning points and experiment with them in practical exercises.
  • Transferring what you have learned into everyday work life forms the conclusion of the training. We will plot stories with ideas from your specific context of work which you can use and expand on in your daily business.

In training, we deliberately use stories as a source from which creativity and innovation arise. For instance, we’ll develop »Consumer Cases«: a story about very specific applications of the product or service. The protagonist is the client – not as an anonymous target person, but as a real person with a personal background. The story is developed from their perspective and shows the situation(s) in which they come into contact with the product or service and what comes from that contact. This way, staff will recognise new possibilities of product use as well as weaknesses and potential for improvement. We can customise this approach depending on your training goals: we learn how to jointly tell the story of your company or the core story of individual staff members, or we deliberately use storytelling as a means in change management processes.

Enjoy a fun and energetic atmosphere in your storytelling training
Enjoy a fun and energetic atmosphere in your storytelling training

In a detailed briefing session, we will determine the goals of your storytelling exercise as well as the necessary time parameters.  Following that, we will put together a custom-made training for your specific occasion. We can start as soon as we have fixed the date.




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