Business Theatre


Training: Change Leadership & Partners

M. Gottschalk
»Die Gorillas have worked for 3 hours with 14 managers, and not only did they eliminate first resentments, but with their playful and inspiring attitude aroused our creativity. We took an impressive experience of improvisation home. We really were impressed by our creative potential and by the way that this potential was shown to us. Many thanks!«.

Show: Innominate Security Technologies

Christina Müller:
»In the name of all of my colleagues and our guests, a big thank you for your show, which was liked by everyone. Next time the milk is spoiled, I know that the cow has swallowed our device :)«.

Training: ImmobilienScout 24

»Not only was the workshop a lot of fun, it also trained our spontaneity and communicative skills, took away and strengthened us as a group.«.

Training: The Berlin Senate, Department of Education, Science and Research

B. Kempf
»...both actresses from the Gorillas had prepared a special concept for our event. With much competence they led the participants. This was coupled with humour and a positive attitude, which really helped the event a lot...«.

Training: CNC Communications

M. Noll
»All participants liked the workshop a lot, even those, who were quite skeptical towards it in the beginning. It was amazing to see, how many parallels there were to the daily job of a communications counselor. You managed to create an atmosphere, in which all participants were able to go open-minded into the different exercises. The workshop was the perfect base for our following meetings...«.