Business Theatre

Playful Conflict Resolution

Addressing internal conflicts with forum theatre

Purpose: Resolving conflicts in teams, between departments, between managers and staff and for external communication.

Duration: 90-120 minutes 

Location: Seminar spaces, event halls, meeting rooms with enough space


When there is a dispute between staff members or some resistance to changes in the company a change of perspective is helpful: The Gorillas perform a representation of your conflict situation on stage and work on alternative possibilities for action - together with you and your team. The focus is not necessarily on reaching an ultimate solution, but rather on the process of how to examine a conflict constructively. 


Innovative ways to resolve conflict

When there are repeated disputes and conflicts in companies, and communication between the parties involved fails to lead to a solution, a new perspective can be helpful. Experienced improv actors from the Gorillas use Forum Theatre methods to adopt the roles of the conflicting parties and develop alternative scenarios together with those involved. By presenting the issue theatrically, new possibilities become apparent and can be implemented in an authentic way. A group discussion of possible changes is a constructive way of dealing with differences within the company.

To this end, we’ll develop two situations with you beforehand, to pinpoint examples of where changes would be necessary. Every figure presented in the scene and their possible action steps is assigned to a certain group in the audience, who is then responsible for offering suggestions for possible changes. The reinvented scenario is then brought to life again on stage by the Gorillas, to demonstrate which effects the change brings about. This kind of group analysis makes it possible to see the potential scope of action. In their reflection, the Gorillas always include the viewpoint of the person who is represented, by reporting how the change has impacted the inner awareness of the respective character.

This participatory form of conflict resolution offers an opportunity to deal with problems within a firm in a transparent, interactive and community-focused way. The Gorillas have used these methods many times with great success in companies in the areas of administration, research, education for both children and adults as well as in church. They have worked with many topics, such as digitalisation, forms of etiquette and internal communication.


Simply send us an inquiry outlining the basic information about your situation or give us a call. In close collaboration with you, we’ll put together a tailor-made offer. Once you commission us, we’ll provide a detailed briefing before we develop the staging of your conflict situation, for which we’ll jointly develop the scenic structure. Following our team of actors‘ comprehensive preparation for the appointment, we’re ready to go!




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