These are opportunities for companies who would like to book us for their staff members, teams and/or leaders. For anyone who likes to play and enjoys discovering new things. Be it individually or in a group, at your place or ours. We're happy to point you in the right direction to help find the right choice for you.

Team Building

Soft skills such as taking an active interest in your co-workers, being open to new ideas and working together in a relaxed manner are all vital parts of forming good teams. We train these skills using exercises for pairs and groups, improv games, short scenes and talks. Instructed by experienced improv coaches using creativity training methods, participants will experience a varied programme that never loses sight of fun despite its instructive character.

A Confident Appearance

Looking relaxed and dignified in everyday working life is of vital importance to create an atmosphere of trust, to exude confidence and to lead with conviction at work.
This workshop focuses on fostering an awareness or your own posture and voice, training rhetorical skills and discovering the joy of speaking. It supports the participant to find a relaxed presence in any situation - using simple but effective exercises.

The Story Behind The Numbers

Hardly anything captivates people more than an exciting story told well. And storytelling can be learned. Even hard facts and sober numbers can be put across in the form of a crime drama, a love story or a fairy tale. What makes a hero a hero? What kind of body can a product take? How do I create an arc of a story in my speech? What creates comedy? These and similar questions will be answered by the Gorillas' professional story maker-uppers and storytellers in this seminar.

Creativity Training

Routines at work are necessary and helpful in certain areas. However, they can also lead to a certain feeling of lethargy, a standstill, or a lack of flexibility. This training encourages you to (re)discover your own creativity, to develop new ideas and to enjoy the fun of linking them with the ideas of other participants. Association exercises will open your mind and quieten your inner censor, while performance play will take you back into your body and dissolve blockages. By developing stories and characters together under professional tutelage, you will experience the creative principle of »1+1=3« in a hands-on way.

Open and Flexible Leadership

Aside from having clear vision, a successful leader also needs to be flexible when reacting to changing circumstances. A leader should also involve employees in the company processes – in the sense of empowerment – and always be open to new approaches, even outside of the box. All these are also the skills of a successful improv player, and can be trained superbly with the simple and entertaining exercises offered by this workshop as a »crash course«.

Authentic Customer Conversations

How do I react with confidence if I have to abandon my planned line of conversation with a customer? In other words: How do I deal with the unforeseen in a relaxed and confident way? The Gorillas have been dealing with this question for many years. In this course, they encourage you to trust your own personality, enquire into what it means to be authentic and explore how to discover new ways of being. The core elements of this seminar are play-acting various roles and perspectives, voice and body exercises, looking at perceiving and accepting the other person as well as focusing on specific simulations of difficult customer conversations.

Dealing With Resistance In A Therapeutic Context

When clients block in conversations and become defensive, it is not easy to carry on communicating in a useful way.
Various improv theatre techniques address dealing with one's own blockages as well as those of others. Cooperating in improvisation is based on accepting your partner's offers. How can I detect an offer even in the negative stance of the other person? What can I refer to, and how can I invite further dialogue?
We will practise dealing with clients’ blocking behaviour in a creative and flexible way in this training session. You can use your own examples and practise specific conversations or counselling situations, learning about possibilities of opening up your conversational partner.
Systemic methods create new ideas and perspectives on experienced behaviour, thus expanding your repertoire of ways of being.

For those working in a pedagogical and/or therapeutic context.

Individual Coaching

1. Relaxed, flexible, present
How can I create a space for myself where I can use creative and solution-oriented methods to practise new approaches and behaviours? The combination of systemic approaches (systemic counselling) and the experience-based methods of improv theatre offer a variety of approaches for using joint ideas to find the right solutions, to put them into practice and cement them. Situations from everyday life at work will be viewed from different perspectives, changed in a playful way with various improvising techniques, and mirrored by systemic questioning in order to discover the right solutions. We will train you to cultivate spontaneous reactions, flexibility in dealing with co-workers and clients, and confident presence
First of all we will discuss exactly what you want individually, and jointly define your aims and the time frame of the coaching.
For individuals who want to improve how they approach their working life or a certain working context.

2. Vocal and physical presence for women
It's not always easy to feel secure and confident in upsetting and challenging situations. In order to improve this, this workshop offers the opportunity to get to know your own body and voice better, and to use them as tools to achieve exactly this goal. Playing scenes which reflect challenging situations, along with specific vocal, breathing and awareness exercises which can easily be integrated into everyday life, will help to foster a confident feeling of presence, tailored to your needs.