The Improv Show

A varied, funny and spontaneous stage show that refers to your company or organisation - that's what we call great entertainment. Experiencing this event together will naturally let your staff members connect with each other.
You simply brief the Gorillas about the event and the company content that you’d like to see involved in the show, then they will invent and perform a tailor-made improv theatre show just for you. They can also include music on your request.

Feedback Theatre

Getting an outside perspective of your own company, a certain event or some specific company content is always refreshing and can open up surprising new insights. To make that happen, the Gorillas will visit your company or an internal event to gain an insight into how you operate, which they will later integrate into their stage show. They will improvise a series of scenes, showcasing people, conversations, atmospheres and processes that they have seen and heard on their visit. This is an ideal way to close an event in a creative, feel-good way.

Playful conflict solving

When it feels like you keep hitting a deadlock in conflict scenarios, it can be helpful to change the perspective. The parties involved in a given conflict can do this by replacing themselves with actors and then watching the situation from the outside in a relaxed atmosphere. The Gorillas use methods from ‘Forum Theatre’ to reflect a conflict back to the parties involved in an authentic way, so that it becomes possible to open up a discussion about potential solutions. The solution of the conflict is not necessarily the focus, but rather the process of handling the conflict constructively
It goes without saying that this work includes an extensive briefing as part of the preparations as well as developing the scenic setup together.

The Improv Workshop

Events and conferences are opportunities for meeting co-workers and staff in an alternative context. In between talks, PowerPoint presentations and seminars, this workshop offers an opportunity to get moving. Tried and tested improv games and exercises form the core of the activities that are designed to stimulate the imagination as participants take on roles spontaneously and make up stories together. Led by experienced improv coaches, the participants get to know each other in a playful way, get to see themselves with a fresh perspective and have lots of fun together.

For new and existing teams.